Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flipping pages has never been this much fun!


Sports Illustrated

We had to take a dunk in the pool. Josie had a lot of fun, she was giggling the entire time. Today was a beautiful is Tuesday, why are all these people not at work?

Long Beach Grand Prix

These pics are from the net except the last one. We snuck we are going to pay $50 bucks a pop! Okay, so a gate was wide open and no one was around. :-)

This Ferris wheel is just around the block from where we live. To see the race in person was pretty amazing. The sound of the cars were soooo loud. I was glad to not hear the roar Monday morning.

On Thursday, there was a motorcross jump show in downtown Long Beach - one city block away. (BMX too)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sleeping Beauty


It seems like you can feel her skin in this photo...

We were hanging out at the pool area having a little fun while BBQing.

Josie is in the phase of climbing things, so I better keep a REAL close eye on her!
She wants me to hold on to her finger while she climbs up and down the stairs. I better not even dare to let go, she might sqeeze out a tear.

Josie loves to read books....gotta love that double chin!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

We got as far as boiling the eggs but we didn't color them. I know, we are lame!
As always, we were very excited to go to breakfast. We walked over to a crepe cafe and ate yummy crepes out on the patio.

Going Potty

4/10/2009 Friday

Josie and Dad were hanging out when all of a sudden Josie walks away to the bathroom. Thomas goes over to see what she is up to and she is standing at the toilet trying to pull her diapers off to go potty. So Thomas helped her out and sat her on the toilet and told her to go potty like Mommy and Daddy. She didn’t go, but she just sat there and looked at him. He stood her up and then she went pee all over the floor.

This vid will turn right side up...

Easter Bunny


Thank you Kelly for the beach toys and the fuzzy Easter bunny. I love watching her open up boxes with dolls/animals in them, she always has the best look on her face.

Thanks Antie May May

Thanks for the cute dress from our favorite web site - Etsy.
Love the purse too!