Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alamitos Beach

Yesterday I went out on a walk with Josie and Addie and ventured off to a new area. First, we headed over to Rainbow Lagoon Park. This park is on the next block from where I always walk Addie. The Hyatt is on the corner and the park is just past it. I always thought the area was just part of the hotel.
At the end of the park, across the street, is the boardwalk along the beach - Alamitos Beach. We headed south down the path. I debated if I should turn back, but I decided to keep walking and have Thomas pick us up on his way home from work. Our day was fun. Josie slept through most of the walk. Awww…the fresh salty air.
I'm a bit sad because all along the path were these crappy signs...

I had such a fun walk through Rainbow Lagoon Park I decided to take a walk around the lagoon today. We stopped this time and I threw down a blanket, threw down the baby (just kidding), and sat in the sun.


ashondie said...

Wow, how beautiful! Now all you are missing is a sister-in-law to keep you company.

How do you keep from jumping in the water though?

JosieBeanLily said...

Hah...I see you are staying up just as late. I think I'm already addicted.