Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24th - 3pm

josibean productions

music by: http://www.whiteghostshivers.com/


Mollie said...

Someone has a crafty mom!!! Josie totally looks like an old fashioned baby :)
B and I bought our crib today - now I'm talking about having my mom sew a bed skirt and window covering...hehehe, I totally thought I'd be a buy it all person, but they don't sell good fabrics (just like you always knew!). Here's the one I love:

JosieBeanLily said...

Great pattern...I love it. Is your theme going to be gnomes or are you going with the "anything cute" look?
Your blog is not available. I think it's set to private.
I'm glad you have a blog. Bye my gnomey.

ashondie said...

I watched it like...what is going on. LOL! You are a very silly Nessa. That little girl is bound for goof.

sweetsing said...

I miss the pike and palm trees...plus I miss JOSIE! These are such good pic's... thanks Nessa