Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Addie is always in the mix


Love + Marriage said...

At first it looked like Addie had JB's leg in her mouth. Then I looked closer and saw it was the bone. ***snicker**. If only Addie knew how tasty that JB meat is. You must never let her find out!

Love + Marriage said...

Just the other day I was laying in bed and Mox was laying on my butt as she usually does.

So I said to Asher, "can't you imagine when we have kids and Mox and Big will sleep on them....Imagine, a little 5 year old kid with kitties laying all over them. Eeeeee!"

I guess Addie is putting JB to the test much earlier. Eeeeee!

And yes, my insides are constantly reminding me it is time to start making babies. "MAKE BABIES NOW!"

Bubbalou Blue said...

Addie is fully aware that little Josie is begining to eat solid food. She sees a future of sharing treats-- chickin, tortillas, hamburgers. She decided to make the first move and offer the bone. Smart dog!