Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bumbo Thighs

Those thighs barely fit into the legs of her Bumbo. When I first attempted to place her in the chair, I was disappointed that she didn’t fit. I thought I would have to return it. I eventually finagled her little rump in the chair. When she had enough fun in her Bumbo, I picked her up and the chair came up with her. I couldn’t get the chair off of her healthy thighs. I finally figured out I need to pick her up with one hand while pushing out the middle piece of the chair. POP…out comes little Josie.


Love + Marriage said...

Oh my, this video leads me to some thoughts....
1 - how do you get her thighs into that seat?
2 - She has Hardy toes...I belive she was trying to grip the cup with her toes. A total Hardy move.
3 - Look how intense she is about getting the cup. She is so determined. I'm not sure if that is common in babies. I'm pretty sure if I was a baby (again) I would just be "sittin' back fat" (Lil' Troy refernce there. He was a one hit wonder).
4 - She is adorable and I just want to snuggle with her.

Can't wait for your visit in August. I wanted to call last night but I got distracted as you saw in my post. I miss you guys too!

Love + Marriage said...

I knew it!!!! OMG, I am laughing so hard right now. Ness you are killin' me.

JosieBeanLily said...

I made myself laugh when I was typing this up.