Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We went out to Moshers for breakfast and just hung out all day waiting for dusk. We walked the dog around town and decided to walk over to the Ferris wheel and follow the crowds. There were tons of people heading towards the pier. By the time we leisurely walked to the sprawling lawns, the sun was going down and it wasn’t much longer until the fireworks show. The show was approximately a mile away so Josephine didn’t really notice the lights in the sky. We had a great time.
Shout out to Kelly (my sweet cousin) for this cute outfit. She thought it reminded her of an outfit I used to have when I was a kiddo.

awww, my little Buhda baby!


Mollie said...

That little outfit is the cutest thing ever(only because it's on the cutest little girl!). How sweet is the video of her laughing? I got all teary thinking about having one of those myself! Nursery is coming and I are shopping for paint today!

senorgpandgrammie said...

I absolutely love that Josie and Addie are best the kissy face picture and I second the cutest outfit on the cutest little girl!!! Little baby Ewing's room is all painted and I must say it's a bright blue sky :) Can hardly wait for you to be here for Moll's shower...Meg and Heidi are planning a wonderful party :)