Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Girl's Day Out

Today was an amazing day. The weather was a perfect 79 degrees and I felt like little Josie and I needed to go play in the grass. We headed out to the Ferris wheel which is around the corner. This is a great area: sprawling grass, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and across the street are restaurants and the pier. After we played in the grass, we hopped on the Ferris wheel for a spin. Josie kept begging for ice cream, so we skipped over to Coldstone for a scoop of ice cream. That Josie, she has such a sweet tooth! I managed to pick out her favorite flavor - banana ice cream with Oreo and chocolate chips. We sat on the bench and ate ice cream. Looking over at her while she sat on the bench like a big girl, with ice cream on her face, made me think to myself this moment is so very special.

Josie loves her buggy. The buggy fits perfectly in the bottom of the neat!


View from the Ferris wheel cream



senorgpandgrammie said...

For better or worse, this little girl looks a LOT like her Grampa Hardy!!!Have been looking a my old pics in Endicott--guess who's a spitting image with those teeth???!!!Thanks for continuing this saga of a beautiful little girl and her dedicated and loving mom and dad. Love, Sr. Grampa

Jan and Mike said...

Nessa, She is so beautiful. You can be very proud of yourself and Thomas for producind such a miracle. Love ya, Janet

Mad Rankly Elk said...

Gorgeous, absolutely GORGEOUS!
Nessa, not only are you an amazing photographer, you have the cutest model! I can't wait to see her again in person!

Love from Texas-KellyBelly

sweetsing said...

WoW... What a couple of great looking and sweet girls you two make. Such good pic's Nessa. I'm so proud of you both. She is soooo sweet in the crawling down the strand pic. I can see her in roller skates already! LOL Love you bunches!

Love + Marriage said...

Ah....the fact that I don't get to look at that little face every day is just downright criminal. Move back up here and we can all live together at 204 Pelly. It'll be so cozy.

Hank Cameron Ewing said...

Okay, yellow is that little girls color! She's sooo cute (the first picture in yellow is my total favorite...she's BEAUTIFUL!).
Now, the crab walk has us CRACKING UP! When will she give in and just walk-haha.

Hank Cameron Ewing said...

Oh...I also find it SO curious that Josie's favorite ice cream flavor just HAPPENS to be what you'd order every time we went to Coldstone together...hmmmm...coincidence? I think not!

senorgpandgrammie said...

I can only imagine what the bottom of those little feet looked like after this fun day :) You're your grandma's girl going barefoot. I absolutely LOVE that you had such a fun girls' day!! Catching all Josie's expressions is priceless!! You have to get Josie a camera to catch Mommy's smiles...I bet they're priceless too!!!