Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We all had so much fun at Josie's 1st birthday party at Round Table Pizza. We celebrated a wee bit early. Pictures of Josie's birthday on Jan 7th are coming up.

Eating Pizza at the kids table.

Ahhh...look how cute! The entire bottle of red die was used to create Elmo.

Time to blow out the candle...MAKE A WISH!

Before the party started, Grandma Rhonda took a couple of pre-party cake shots with Josie. Like any smart kid would do, she put her finger in the cake to taste it. It was kind of downhill from there, she started balling all while trying to remove the sticky icing from her fingers. So when it came time to eat her cake, she tried once more like a champ but to no avail. Her sticky fingers were all too overwhelming and she broke down, again. Enter song here: "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."

Gotta love the red dye!

All right, time to open the gifts so Josie can get EAT the paper.
Ooooh, Mom loves all the cute clothes and Josie LOVES Elmo.

Who let this guy in? J/K...Joe is always the life of the party. I am very happy Josie and I had the chance to meet Joe and Paula's little guy Kiefer. What a cute kid.

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