Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm a kid again....who said I ever grew up!
Thomas and I stopped by a local roller skating shop that opened up a couple of months ago here in Long Beach. The girl who owns th shop is also a derby girl and when we stopped by, she was very friendly and told me about a meet up at the roller rink. I decided I needed to go have some fun, Thomas stayed home and watched Josie. I had tons of fun and nope, no falls - wooowee! My feet did not hurt at all, my skates are KICK-ASS!
These pics are from last Sunday, I went skating again yesterday.
By the way, Lochness Monster is not taken but two names are similar, which slims my chances of getting it. Thomas came up with another name for me...Bloodiness. (I really don't think I could go through with being a derby girl, but I sure like to have fun with the idea.)
CHECK your derby name here:


OHH YAH...backwards skating. I love watching everybody.

Backwards skating - Beginner

Backwards skating - Advanced


sweetsing said...

LOL Looking like fun. I should try it in the frozen Priest river. LOL oops..gotta have the shates! Ever see the pic with the shates and dogs?? FUNNY!

JosieBeanLily said...

hi mom

Is your "K" button brohen on your heyboard? HAAA! Love you momma!

Love + Marriage said...

There is no other except THE LOCH NESS. Please don't ever consider changing it.
I can't believe you went out and did that you brave girl and you look 100% kick ass in your outfit (green striped knee socks, be still my heart!).
Did they try to recruit you?

Bubbalou Blue said...

Oh yeah!! Makes me miss the good ol' days of the roller rink surrounded by tumbleweeds. Good music, wind in your hair, lean into the curves. I freakin' love you.

Hank Cameron Ewing said...

I'm so proud you went out and did that!!! Go girly!!! Mom by day, Roller Diva by out for that one!

Mad Rankly Elk said...

OMG so funny! Guess what I am doing on Thursday nights as well? Totally freakin' quad skating! Yea baby! You know I rock the rink at must be a desert rat sport, huh? Remember Holiday Skating Rink by the house?? Did you and Jen go with me on Sunday nights and then out for Round Table Pizza afterward? Ahh the memories. Roll on Lochness!!!

Love + Marriage said...

I can't believe there are that many (adults) out there hitting the rink. SO inspiring.