Sunday, January 18, 2009

The smell of a Cabbage Patch Doll brings back memories of my childhood.
A girl can't have enough dollies. Josie was lucky enough to get two Cabbage Patch Kids. The look on her face is so cute when she sees a baby girl in the package staring back at her. When she finally got the dolls out of the box, she gave them kisses.

MADIE LOUISA - Thanks Kelly for the doll...she loves it as you can see.

Thanks Grandpa Frank. The story to this doll is so special. My Dad and his wife Carol came over for dinner and they brought over gifts. Dad told us this doll reminded him of his mother (who's name is Josephine, who Josie is named after), the doll has blonde hair and blue eyes, just like his mom and just like Josie. Well, when Thomas helped Josie open up the doll, the name on the birth certificate was Josie. We were all in AHHH! What a great story!

Thanks Kelly for the little buggy. Josie didn't waste any time scooting it around.


Love + Marriage said...

I can't believe that Josie/Josie/Josie story. I knwo some babies look like Cabbage Patch Dolls but our Josie is even cuter.

Hank Cameron Ewing said...

I posted the video of Hank making out with Josie (the doll, thank you, not his cousin) on my myspace page...still cracks me up. That poor violated doll-hehe. There are some great little tongue licks.

senorgpandgrammie said...

What a love bug this little girl is...just shows her daddy and mommy show her what it's like to be loved with all your heart!

sweetsing said...

LOL I keep watching this video over an over.I love the talking she's doing.LOL