Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playing Dress Up

I had to show Rhonda all of Josie's pretty dresses and of course we had to put them on her.

Cute baby legs!
Who does Addie resemble?


sweetsing said...

OH BOY!!!! Are we
just thee cutest model! Thanks for the BOMB wardrobe! But even more thanks for Josie that can make them the best for the threads! Keep up the good photos mom...I love and miss you both! PS Have fun on your B-day Ness!

Jan and Mike said...

Is Josie walking? Looks like it in the top pic or did Mom just get a great shot? The striped leggings...TOO CUTE!! Hope Mom had a great Birthday.

Mad Rankly Elk said...

OMG! Love the outfits on her! I was hoping I'd get to see her in them. I guess I bought them a little to soon, huh? Don't think she digs the hat so much. :) She is still the cutest! I especially like her model pose against the railing...STRIKE A POSE JOSIE!

Love + Marriage said...

The pink denim dress with the baby legs? I wish I could get away with wearing that outfit cause she is sure making it look cute as could be.