Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine's Day

We went out to a late breakfast for Valentine's Day. Josie was being sassy as she was trying to get everyone's attention by squealing at them and then giving a big hammy smile.

After breakfast, we wondered around a couple of vintage stores. Ooooh..that pink Cadillac is sweeeet!
This is a pile of clothes people rummage though. Kinda gross...the bottom of the pile must smell real nice.
On the way home, we drove through a little area of Long Beach called Naples. Yes, there are gondolas rowing by. How romantic!


Mad Rankly Elk said...

Jenna would be in heaven searching through that pile!

Love + Marriage said...

You need a mask like they wear in China to block germs - and some gloves - and then you can get to diggin. I bet with rich Long Beach people there are some choice items in that stack.