Saturday, March 7, 2009

Roll Out

Tonight is the night, the night I pad up and hit the streets with my roller skates and the nervous thrill in my belly. I was anxious before I arrived, not sure who would be there. Last month’s Roll Out had 60 people or so. I was expecting tons of people but by the time we rolled out, we were a small group of approximately 15. I was one of the first to arrive. I tried my best to be outgoing - I was chatty and personable.
We were supposed to roll out at 8pm sharp but we left the store around 8:30.
I had my face painted to match the theme of Roll Out – Mardi Gras.
While I was waiting for the group to get ready, I came out to say hi to my biggest fans waiting outside – Thomas, Rhonda, and little J. They were waiting for me to start so they can snap pictures and cheer for me.
We started the skate route at the shop and then headed four blocks down to the beach. In order to get down to the beach there is a HUGE hill, only the experienced took this route, we took the stairs. The beach path was about a mile long. The path is very smooth and made it a very fun part of the route. My eyes were glued to the path because you couldn’t really tell if the cracks were uneven enough to make me fall. I had practiced roller skating along this path one other time and I knew there was nothing to worry about.
We were half through the route. We headed through downtown (FUN!) and back to the shop.
NO FALLS! The last leg was sketchy…the ground was sketchy along with the neighborhood. The route took about an hour and a half to skate through.
We changed into our shoes and headed to the local bar; only about 8 of us decided to party. I called Thomas to come join me in the festivities. We had fun rockin’ out to Rockabilly music. The group (including us) headed out to another bar to end the night. FUN NIGHT! I will be partaking in all the fun next month. Thanks to Rhonda, I have a new pair of street wheels – these are like rolling in a Cadillac!

I did use ALL my pads: helmet, wrist pads, etc.

Unfortunately the camera battery pooped out while waiting for me to start. Thomas was only able to get the first few girls. The rest of the group, including myself, was right behind them.

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