Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day at the zoo


Josie LOVES the chimpanzees...

The Giraffe was Josie's favorite animal. Daddy had her on his shoulders when the giraffe hovered directly over her to eat the leaves off the tree. She let out squeals while moving her arms up and down.

Josie is giving the monkey a kiss.


Jan and Mike said...

I'm telling you Nessa, You've got to get this girl in comercials. She is SOOO photogentic. Every color looks great on her. WHAT A CUTIE!!!

Bubbalou Blue said...

What a wonderful day. The zoo always makes for such a special time. Such a sweet little bean.

senorgpandgrammie said...

Josie...your daddy always liked the bears...did you see some??? What a beautiful day for a zoo trip...oh, I forgot EVERYDAY"S a beautiful day :) You are sure a lucky girl to get to go on some many fun excursions :)

Love + Marriage said...

There has been an upsurge in people jumping into zoo cages. Make sure you teach JB that is wrong.

And she shouldn't drink wine with a tame chimp since there is no such thing and even if there were you shouldn't make them drink wine.
They will chew your face off.

I must admit, I always wanted to snuggle in with a big old lion but I don't have a show on Animal Planet. And if I did it would be me and the animals out for revenge on humans for killing aminals for their skins and putting them in zoos and making them drink wine.