Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to our beach house

We have moved in to our new home in Belmont Shore (southeast Long Beach) and we couldn't be happier with this place. It feels like a home and not an apartment.
1 bedroom + garage, my guess on the square footage is 900 or 1000 (not including the garage).
We are 3 blocks from the beach and one block away from the strip of shops. Our new house isn't far away from our old one, probably 2 miles.

Our front door is on the right hand side, little Josie is sitting and relaxing on the porch. The door on the left is a stairway that leads to the upstairs apartment, the layout is the same as our place. A studio is available for rent if anybody is interested - the studio is over the garages in the back. Nice lookn' home next to us!

This is the view down the street towards the ocean.
Accross the street.

Looking in...

We set up little J's bed as a toddler bed and she loves it. She crawled right in and started jumping around. Look real close, she is snoozing.

Messing around while unpacking.


Love + Marriage said...

Oh, I'm so excited to see the new house pictures. It's funny, it looks a lot like our (your) house inside doesn't it? They must have been built in the same era.

Cute! Cute! Cute! And the views of your street, they are just so California. I can picture us sitting on the porch drinking lemonade. Mmmmm!

Love + Marriage said...

Oh and I forgot to remark on the baby blue bed - love it - and the pic of JB maxin' and relaxin' in her deck chair. LOVE!

Louisasmom said...

Love the new digs. You're right- it definitely looks like a home, not an apartment. How heavenly to be so close to the beach, too!

Jan and Mike said...

Love it!! Josie looks like she's already at home there. LOL. Miss you guys. Your visit was just a tease for more. Love ya

Mad Rankly Elk said...

Love the Cali beach house, Ness. The inside is awesome! Now you gotta get Thomas out to enjoy some killer waves, dude! :) Even though I'm stuck in Texas, I'll always be a Cali girl at heart!

BTW-that side view photo of Josie kickin it in her chair looks exactly like you at that age!!! I need to get down there soon to visit...miss you guys so much!

sweetsing said...

Yeppers,,, the move was hard work but the benifits are all worth it, It's (HOME) and it's cute with good location too, I want to go to breakfast at STAN"S? next to the dog that home made ham.