Sunday, August 9, 2009

The weekend

You may not know this but Josie's new adult teeth have come in. She is looking more like a Gerber baby than ever! Maybe we can make her a star and eventually move out of our high rise deeeluxe trailer.

here are a couple more artistic shots...

Saturday morning.
We picked up a new pair of Vans for her last cute!
We are on our way out the door to take the dog out for a morning walk.
Bed head, robe, and cute adorable.
For some reason she noticed she had her own boob.

I told her to SMILE...and she gives me this hammy smile.

I'm still squeezing her in 6-9mo clothing. Only because this outfit is just too cute to let go.


sweetsing said...

Oh My....She's such a little poser..LOL I miss my granny kisses and hugs! She's got that morning fog look in the robe and new slips! Nice shoes for my jo jo dancer..

Love + Marriage said...

Oh my, Ness your photos are beautiful and that little Josie Bean...she is just the bee's knees.