Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hot Summer Fun

Today was a great day. Josie and I had a fun time playing at the playground. It was so hot though. When we got home, I had Josie wash her hands and while she was playing around in the sink, she dumped an entire cup of water on her head. She laughed, I laughed, and I encouraged her to do it again. After a couple of times, I decided we needed to stop, but I didn't want the fun to end. I took her outside to the hose and dumped a few bowls of water over her head.
Ohhh yah...the pigtails are just the cutest. She finally kept them in.

Later on in the evening, Josie's friend Amelia came over to play. These girls are so cute together. Amelia's mom, Kate, brought over asparagus and broccoli and the girls decided to feed each other. Amelia is one month younger than Josie. Josie will be 20 months on Sept 7th.


senorgpandgrammie said...

Oh My Lord...these are adorable. She found a friend who also doesn't wear clothes!!! That's so California...feeding each other veggies! All the while Hank's having buttered everything!!! Those two little darlings could be sisters. No wonder daddy thought his baby was walking down the street without him! Jose and darling is that!

senorgpandgrammie said...

Gma again...the pigtails are SOOOO CUTE!!!! And loving the water...she's definitely a water baby and that makes gma so happy. Next summer Hank and Josie will have to be on Gma's swim team! Seriously, the cutest pictures ever!!! Can't wait til you come to visit...but first Aunti Meg and Uncle Asher...they're so excited..and we're excited for them. Love, Love, Love!