Thursday, January 7, 2010

Josie's Birth Story

Here is Josie's birth story told by Grandma Hardy. I'm going to keep this letter for Josie's baby book.
On the day you were born:
Daddy and Mommy went on a tour at Swedish Hospital, where you were going to be born (who knew you'd come the next day!). Well, in the afternoon, Daddy called us in Endicott (we were there for the weekend after Christmas) and he talked to his Daddy (soon to be your Grandpa) and was asking lots of questions about what labor was (when babies decide to be born!). Grandpa gave the phone to Grandma and she sounds like Vanessa (your Mommy)is in labor. Well, since it's a 4 hour drive from Endicott to Renton, we hopped in the car really fast! We drove fast we'd get to Seattle before there was a little baby being born.

We got to your house and sure enough, Mommy was having some pains in her tummy! Sometimes she could hardly walk and would hold onto something because she was having contractions. Daddy called the doctor and after a couple hours, they decided it was time to go to the hospital. Well, the rest of us were wondering when we should go to the hospital and Daddy said he'd call us. Sure midnight (when Grandma was in the shower!), Daddy called and said it looked like they were going to stay and Mommy was in labor.

Aunties Megan and Mollie, Uncles Asher and Bret, Grandpa and Grandma all visited Mommy and then we went out to the visitor's room, where we all tried to get comfortable....we slept on the couches and the floor and we looked pretty silly! Then, in the morning, Grandpa went to the airport to pick up Grandma Jackie. She came from Eastern Washington and she was so excited and nervous because her little girl was going to become a Mommy!

At nine o'clock in the morning, on Monday, January 7th, 2008, Daddy came out to the waiting room and said, "Mom, come on, Jackie's in the room with Vanessa and the baby is starting to come." Grandma Jackie and Grandma Hardy watched as you were trying to come out into the world...we'd see a little head with lots of dark hair start coming and then it would pop back inside of Mommy. This happened for about 3 hours. Mommy pushed sooooo hard to help you get out, but you were such a big girl, 8# 6oz (which is exactly how much your Auntie Megan weighed!). So, the doctor said, "We'll have to do a C-section to get this little girl our." We were worried but the doctor said, "She's doing great," so we knew you were a big, strong girl! They wisked Mommy and Daddy to the surgery room and all of us girls went to have lunch.

We weren't gone long and when we came back, Grandpa told us YOU WERE BORN!!! It was Monday, January 7th, at about 1:47 in the afternoon. We all went into the room and saw JOSEPHINE LILY HARDY, the most beautiful child we had ever seen! You had beautiful skin (part of your wonderful Mexican heritage) and a head full of dark hair. Your eyes were beautiful (when you opened them), and you were round like a little cherub! Your fingers and toes were so cute and you had a very sweet little cry...that we hardly ever heard. You were such a good baby. You had your hearing test and the nurse said your hearing was about the best she'd ever seen because you reacted so quickly! You had lots of visitors and they all said you were beautiful! And You Were!!! Grandma's very good friend, Beth, was especially excited because you were born on her anniversary!!

When you came home, you had a darling dress on, with a brown sweater...oh you were an angel! Grandma Jackie stayed with you and Mommy and Daddy and she was a great helper, holding you, burping you after you nursed, and cooking meals! Grandma and Grandpa Hardy came to visit you lots, we couldn't wait to see you each day. Every day, your doggie, Addie, would lay by you and listen to you coo...she was your best friend the day you came home from the hospital and she still is!!

When you were almost 2 months old, Daddy got a new, great job in California and we helped you move there. You love the sunshine and getting to do lots of fun things with your family! You have a Mommy and Daddy that love you more than anything in the world...and so do you Grandparents and all of your other relatives...You are a special little girl.

At home...


Hank Cameron Ewing said...

So...I cried-hehe. Love it and love that we got to be such a part of her birth (and that even though you live far away, we still see you lots and Hank and Josie get to be friends...even if she does push him a lot-hahahaha). What are older cousins for?!

Anonymous said...

This is Thomas - funny thing about the story is that we were at the hospital earlier in the day to learn where we had to go and what we had to do when she did have labor pains...the entrance, the floors, the rooms, etc...didn't expect to put the schooling to the test so quickly.

senorgpandgrammie said...

Life is just a miracle...and the best one at that! That precious little girl, and her precious cousin Hank, are just about the most important reason to be healthy & live for forever!!! Blessed, blessed, blessed...we are!