Monday, July 28, 2008

Out to lunch

We headed to Rockbottom Brewery for lunch today, so I thought I would bring something to eat for Josie. This is the first time Josie ate solid food. We bought veggies along with a box of rice cereal while at the store. The best sweet potato face she gave is framed below, go check it out....

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KellyBelly said...

I can't tell if Josie is loving the sweet potatoes or absolutely disliking them! Maybe she hasn't quite decided either considering the look on her precious little face!

Mollie said...

She looks so much like you, Ness! Her eyes are gonna be like yours, huh?! What a purdy little lady.

I sat through a sweet potato feeding with Heidi's baby the other day...she's warned me that when you start solid food, the diapers get REAL fun...beware! hehe!