Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thomas just asked me this morning if she has slept on her stomach yet, and she hasn't until now. She is still sound asleep 4:53pm, Sunday.

Her little elephant is peeking in at her, watching her sleep. By the way, this blanket is her favorite by far. She’ll grab the blanket and rub her face all over it, you can really tell she loves how soft and silky it is.


senorgpandgrammie said...

OMG...this is the most precious picture. Isn't she a darling little girl...Pam's got to see how much she loves the blankie she gave her!!!

Mollie said...

oh my goodness, I still have a piece of a blanket that I used to do the same rubbing thing always felt so good to rub the satin part on my face! our baby bumper and changing pad also has this ridiculously soft velvety stuff and I keep asking people if they wish they could crawl in and rub on it...then they look at me like I'm crazy and I laugh it off like I'm joking...I'm not-hehe. I'm sure once he's poopin' on the changing table it will change the effect, but man, I'm always a sucker for soft stuff!