Monday, August 11, 2008

First Balloon


Josie got her first balloon and she was enthralled with the BIG yellow THING! She also sat in her first booster chair in a restaurant.


senorgpandgrammie said... no sucking the helium out of the balloon, girl!!! Love the static hairdo! Holy Moses, that girl's growing up...booster chairs, balloons...7 months old and no keeping that girl down! I love how she still holds onto the balloon while she's sleeping. Looks like she had a good day :)

Bubbalou Blue said...

Such a sweet girl!!! I'm really missing all the good stuff now. Don't forget these days Nessa, they are magical.

sweetsing said...

She is growing up so fast. I so enjoyed our time togather. Look at that little face. She's all happy with this yellow balloon.

sweetsing said...

OH BOY!! Josie left here and got a purple balloon at Onions restraunt.She also left without her pink blanket and her baby spoon.I'll mail them to her.I miss her already!