Monday, August 11, 2008

Past week

8/06 - 8/10 , Wednesday - Sunday

Josie and I arrived in Priest River Idaho on Wednesday to stay with Grandma Jackie. The weather has been amazing and we've been having lots of fun just relaxing by the river. Mom and I decided to jump in the river together, hand in hand - we Thelma and Louise'd it, ahhhhhh!

This is Josie being bored...

We did a little grocery shopping. Since Mom had plenty of food in the house, I kind of went crazy buying sweet stuff. Mmmm...cupcakes!

We sat in the front yard under a shady tree. Of course, Grandma can't resist kissing Josie in the ear. Mom always kisses me in the ear until I squeal, I try to make her stop but she won't because she loves it too much. Looks like Mom's ear kisses gives Josie a little grin.

Today is the 7th of August and this is the day Mom's mom passed away - Grandma Adelaide Francis Levelle Fels. Mom tries to attend church on this day, she always reminds us to say a little prayer and talk to her. So, Mom was talking to little Josie and telling her about her Grandma Adelaide and Josie fell asleep in her arms. Mom was excited to get a picture of her sleeping face.


We had a thunder storm was amazing!

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KellyBelly said...

LOVE HER, LOVE HER, LOVE HER! Can't get enough of my beautiful cousin!!

Nessa, thank you so much for keeping those of us so far away in your life.